About us

Over the past 30 years, we have developed from a classic salt trader with a focus on the supply and disposal of technical salts to a manufacturer of salts also in food and pharmaceutical precursor qualities. This development was largely driven by the needs of the respective customers, as we have maintained an intensive exchange of ideas with them from the very beginning of our activities. This exchange of ideas fueled many innovations and generated lasting, stable supplier and customer relationships. Today, numerous research and development projects initiated and successfully completed as a result of these dialogs make a significant contribution to the fact that we possess extensive know-how, some of which is patented. This approach has given us a market position from which we as a company and our diverse clientele benefit today.

Daniel F. SchüsslerManagement
Sebastian ReichenbachManagement
Our company history
  • 1992Foundation of Schüssler Entsorgungsmanagement und Rohstoffhandel GmbH in Teutschenthal
  • 1993Relocation of the administration to Puschkinstraße in Halle and acquisition of the industrial site as a production location in Edderitz.
  • 1998Change of name to Schüssler Novachem GmbH
  • 2000First certification QM system ISO 9000 : 2015
  • 2001Acquisition of the tank farm in Magdeburg (formerly Minol)
  • 2003Acquisition of the Duisburg tank farm (former Rüttgerswerke)
  • 2006Erection of a 5,000 m³ tank in Magdeburg and of two 1,500 m³ tanks in Edderitz
  • 2008Erection of two 2,000 m³ large tanks in Magdeburg
  • 2011Production launch of Eddox
  • 2012Relocation of the administration to Otto-Stomps-Straße in Halle
  • 2013Installation of a hydrochloric acid handling terminal (rail/warehouse/road) in Magdeburg
  • 2014Acquisition of the Lehrte chemical factory
  • 2015Neubau eines 1600 m³ und eines 1200 m³ Großtanks in Duisburg
  • 2017Purchase of the facilities and permits of Grundchemie Velten (bromides)
  • 2022Acquisition of the last "free" production buildings and areas in Edderitz
  • 202230th company anniversary