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It's hard to imagine life without salts. We meet salts everywhere: making floors hard, fabrics soft, streets safer, basements dry and stomach aches disappear. Salts are used in brewing, in cheese making and increasingly in food supplements like magnesium tablets and sports drinks. It's easy to see why: our body contains about 5% salt which, being depleted through sweating, must continually be replaced.

 Snow & ice removal
 Dust binding
 Drying agents
 Sanding equipment
 Waste water treatment
 Industrial floors
 Textile treatments
 Animal food
 Cheese production
 Beer production
 Food supplements such as sports drinks
 Magnesium and calcium supplements
 Pharmaceutical products for humans and animals consumption, and much more

To make grippy tires and tasty food a wide range of salts with hugely differing properties is used. Schüssler Novachem has specialized in salts based on calcium, magnesium and sodium. From technical fluids to the purest pharmaceutical powder, from a hundred tablets to 100,000 tons, from consulting to delivery. For our wide range of customers, whether the highway department or the pharmaceutical industry, we provide high quality products and services from Aachen to Zhongxiang.
And how? Range of Products

 Production of liquid and solid chemicals, especially salts
 Technical grades, food and pharmaceutical qualities
 Contract production like evaporation, crystallization, drying, mixing, grinding, tabletization, packaging, loading
 3,500 sqm of production halls and 3,000 sqm of storage and workshop units on an industrial site of over 200,000 sqm
 High flexibility and customized process engineering with our own machinery and plant manufacturing
 Certified business for coatings, tank and pipe manufacturing according to WHG 19L (German standard)
 TÜV-certified DIN EN ISO 9002 quality management
 Close cooperation with Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing B.V. in Veendam, Netherlands, referring to production and sales of magnesium chloride
 Completion of the production portfolio with trade products
 Clients worldwide, primarily in Europe
Magnesium chloride
Magnesium sulfate
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium nitrate
Other customized extra qualities and extra purities
Solutions of mixed salts
Crystalline mixed salts
Grinding and pulverization
Special packings and loadings
Magnesium chloride:
 MAGNESOL Flakes, Magnesium chloride-hexahydrate, squamous, MgCl2-concentration approx. 47 pc, MgCl2*6H2O, technical quality
 MAGNESOL Flakes, Magnesium chloride-hexahydrate, crystalline powder, MgCl2-concentration 47 pc, MgCl2*6H2O, food quality E511
 MAGNESOL solution, aqueous solutions of magnesium chloride, MgCl2-concentration 5 to 31 pc, technical quality
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Magnesium chloride cont.:
 MAGNESOL PQ solution, aqueous solutions of magnesium chloride, MgCl2-concentration 5 to 30 pc, technical quality, colorless, with small content of iron
 MAGNESOL F solution, aqueous solutions of magnesium chloride, MgCl2-concentration 5 to 30 pc, food quality E511
 MAGNESOL Special, customized extra qualities
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Magnesium nitrate:
  Magnesium nitrate Special, customized extra qualities
Calcium chloride:
 CALCIOSOL Flakes, Calcium chloride-dihydrate, squamous, CaCl2-concentration 78 to 80 pc, CaCl2*2H2O, technical quality
 CALCIOSOL Hexahydrate, Calcium chloride-hexahydrate, crystalline to squamous, CaCl2-concentration approx. 50 pc, CaCl2*6H2O, food quality E509
 CALCIOSOL solution, aqueous solutions of calcium chloride, CaCl2-concentration 5 to 34 pc, technical quality
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Calcium chloride cont.:
 CALCIOSOL PQ Solution, aqueous solutions of calcium chloride, CaCl2-concentration 5 to 40 pc, technical quality, colorless, with small content of iron
 CALCIOSOL F Solution, aqueous solutions of calcium chloride, CaCl2-concentration 5 to 40 pc, food quality E509
 CALCIOSOL Special, customized extra qualities
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Calcium nitrate:
 Calcium nitrate Special, customized extra qualities
Sodium chloride:
 NATROSOL, solutions of sodium chloride, NaCl-concentration 5 to 25 pc, technical qualitiy
 NATROSOL crystalline, divers fine to coarse crystalline qualities from manufacturing, food quality
 Sodium nitrate solution, aqueous solution of sodium nitrate, NaNO3-concentration 35 pc, food quality E251
Potassium bromite:
 Potassium bromite crystalline to fine powdery, pharmaceutical to photographical grades
Potassium formiate:
 Potassium formiate regeneration, regeneration of refrigerants on basis of potassium formiate

Nothing is more reassuring than having your own fleet of trucks. Say, for example, there's a sudden drop in temperature at the airport and Magnesol™ deicing brine is needed immediately. On occasions like this our ADR-trained drivers with their customized trucks guarantee that your order is safely delivered to the right spot at the right time. Even if it's 300,000 litres of highly corrosive hydrochloric acid to Rosenheim.
Any questions?

 Transport of chemicals such as salt brines, liquid fertilizers, palett ware
 GGVS-Transports: for example salt acid
 Transport of liquid and solid wastes
 Own truck fleet with semi-trailer trucks
 In addition to our own capacity we cooperate with top-class transport companies and shipping agencies

Make use of our tank terminals. Take our almost 6 hectare harbour site in Magdeburg for example. There, tanks from 100 to 5,000 tons, together with transportation solutions for liquid cargo via truck, railway or ship all are at your disposal. We can if necessary load, unload, and mix liquids even at six on a Sunday morning. And if you want, we can even provide you with a storage tank right in your own yard.
More details?

 Tank facilities in the harbors in the south, in the east and in the west of Germany
 Use of the tank facilities for storage, transloading and transshipment of client's goods as well as Schüssler Novachem raw materials and products
 Contents of multiple tanks can be mixed or homogenised, additives can be added etc.
 Filling of tank trucks, tank paletts or cans
 Full service including delivery with our own private fleet or with external forwarders
 Main tank storage facility in the harbor of Magdeburg-Rothensee for transshipment via ship, railway or truck road using tanks of 100, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000 tons capacity with epoxy based inner coating
 External rentals of storage tanks
 Permanent stock of transportable containers up to 100,000 liters. Customized tanks equipped and coated according to clients needs; double wall, heated or cooled, isolated and more

Say good bye to your waste disposal problems. We take the worry out of industrial waste disposal, treatment and recycling. Not to mention assessing what's best for what kind of waste. We are certified professionals in waste disposal, transport and processing. Our facilities for processing and recycling, our transport capabilities and our employees' expertise make disposing of hazardous specialized chemicals for you as easy as throwing away a banana skin.

 Disposal, recycling and transport of liquid, paste or solid waste
 Dedicated processing plants and cooperation with external processing and recycling plants, underground disposal sites, underground reutilization facilities and sealed landfills
 Consulting with reference to waste and byproducts in connection with the development of techniques or during ongoing production with emphasis on salts and saliferous substances
 TÜV-certified waste reclamation and disposal company

Salts and salt compounds have a tremendous potential. That's why we are investing heavily in research and development. Many new patents and technologies help us to create products based on calcium, magnesium and sodium with less energy in a higher quality, and to be able to use them more efficiently and to transport them more easily. Schüssler Novachem is kindly supported in these developments by the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.

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